In a world-leading class of its own, the new Rocket 3 is the ultimate high performance muscle roadster, and the genesis of a new motorcycle legend.

Setting a new benchmark for handling and character, the all-new Rocket 3 R delivers incredible control, comfort and capability and instantaneous world-leading torque that is an amazing 71% higher than the closest competition, and more than the previous generation Rocket with an incredible flat rich curve that reaches peak at 4000 rpm then holds maximum torque all the way through the mid-range for effortless acceleration and response in any gear.

Peak power is 167PS at 6000 rpm (11% up on the previous generation), with more power from a low 3500 rpm and all the way up to a new higher redline of 7000 rpm, making the Rocket 3 R an unparalleled thrilling riding experience with all-day, any-gear, breathtaking capability.

On top of its unbeatable performance, the new Rocket 3 R has an incredible pure muscular presence and magnificent cruiser style, together with beautiful details and an unparalleled finish. And you can enhance this incredible ride even more by personalising your ride with over 50 custom accessories.

The highest torque of any production motorcycle delivered across the entire rev range in one smooth and seamless flow. Class-defining triple performance from the largest production motorcycle engine in the world. Thrilling performance with peak power that is 11% up on the previous generation Rocket. A transformation in handling capability delivered by a major weight saving,  achieved by an all-new aluminium frame and premium cast and forged components. For more details go to https://www.triumph-motorcycles.ca/


Price Sold
Kilometers n/a


Year 2022
Make Triumph
Model Rocket 3 R