APD suspension2detail

suspension room

Our suspension room is clean, light and fully equipped with the latest technology including spring rate calculation and vacuum bleeder to rebuild/tune your suspension to the highest standard. Our services include service/rebuild/shim stack alteration of your motorcycle shock absorbers, forks, revalving and spring replacement. Our services also include installing the latest Ohlins shock and fork kits to custom made parts.

rebuild service

Motorcycle shock absorbers and forks are fully stripped, cleaned and inspected. They are then rebuilt with new seals, O rings etc. Any parts other than normal service items that are excessively worn or damaged are reported to the customer for replacement.

revalve service & parts

The same level of attention as the Service/Rebuild but with valving modifications to suit the rider's weight, level and riding discipline for road, track and off road applications. Custom settings and fork kits are supplied and installed.


We have at our disposal a massive inventory of optional rate fork and shock springs, shims, seals, bushings, valves and oils to suit your suspension needs.